Going to Thailand? Hire an Escort Travel Companion!

by Elizabeth Clark

Are you a frequent flyer? Do you take vacations at least once per year? Does your job require you to travel for multiple times in a year? One of the most visited destinations in the world is Bangkok. This particular municipality is the largest city in Thailand, and it has more than eight million inhabitants. Bangkok is a modern-day metropolis in every way because it has world-class cuisine, has a thriving entertainment district, is business oriented and is densely packed. Visitors will definitely notice how contemporary skyscrapers will sit right next to old-world markets. In other words, Bangkok is huge, the inhabitants are generally friendly, and there’s plenty to do for fun.

 popular gathering space

Whether you’re coming here for business purposes, or you’re coming here for leisure, Bangkok has a lot to offer. There are a number of public parks and greenspaces that can be accessed throughout the metropolitan area. Lumphini Park is a very popular gathering space for locals and from an above view, it looks like an oasis of greenery among some of the city’s huge high rises. Fun festivals and events like Loi Krathong and Songkran are in abundance also, and these festivities take place on a number of occasions throughout the calendar year. Bangkok is home to the eleventh-largest shopping complex in the world. Central World offers over 430,000 square-meters of retail space, and it hosts a variety of electronics, sporting goods, fitness and clothing stores.

Are you an artsy kind of guy?

If you’re the artsy type, then you should definitely check out the Thai-art scene. There are various communities throughout the area that host traditional art shows. If you’re interested in modern and traditional art, then you should check out the National Gallery. Masks, classical instruments and other old-world exhibits can be found here. There are also a number of museums and art galleries in the city, including H Gallery and the affluent Patravadi Theater.

Of course, we can’t just cram everything into one article, but you should have a much better idea of what Bangkok has to offer on a daily basis. The city of Bangkok truly has your best interest at heart when you come here. One of the better ways for experiencing the city is with a travel companion. That’s right! There are individuals who are well-trained to help foreigners navigate the city’s most electrifying scenes so keep on reading for more information.