With the rise of books to film such as 50 shades of grey, the world, as well as its opinion towards Taboo sex is changing. What is usually a dark world shrouded in mystery is coming into the light and such sexual acts are being discussed and explored by consenting adults around the globe.

There is always a sense of curiosity for the unknown as well as the Taboo, and if you are reading this, chances are you are here for some answers of explanations as to what the sex act is, and the mechanics of it. We want you to be safe and have fun at MVP Escorts in your sexuality, and always remember no means no. If you are not comfortable then speak up.

There are many different types of acts but for this article, we are going to focus on four (Bondage/BDSM, Dogging, Sex Clubs and Pegging) sex acts that are making their way into the mainstream.


Now, this is one we have all heard of but has now been popularized by books like 50 shades of grey. Bondage is the act of being tied up or restrained in some way during the act of sex. This could be by being tied to a bedpost or suspended by chains from the wall or ceiling. Other forms of bondage include being held down or even put in a scolds bridal, which is an ancient device that was used to keep a woman shut, or else the contraption would cut off her tongue. Nowadays the danger of such a device arouses sexual excitement and climax. Furthermore, bondage itself is one of the many control sex practices that make up BDSM stands for bondage discipline and sadomasochism and has a very rich history. The first accounts of BDSM occur in Sumerian times in ancient antiquity, and some textual records from the time still exist depicting whippings and sexual domination through cross-dressing. Implements are used in BDSM to assert authority and the punishment aspect of BDSM is attractive to people known as submissives.

Submissives are those who accept the acts performed on them by the dominant partner. Some of the implements used in extreme bondage and BDSM include whips, handcuffs, chains, scolds bridals among many other toys. BDSM has many facets to the act but the focus of this type of sex is dominance. Some of the acts attributed to BDMS are Pussy torture which is an act that causes pain tot he female genitals such as pulling on piercings or forcing an orgasm through forced vibrator play. Other examples include golden showers, which is the act of urinating on someone and spanking which is a popular pastime for the community. Those who practice BDSM are somewhat secretive of the fact, but the community is slowly opening its doors to curious outsiders and often organize events or parties at sex clubs to allow curious newcomers to experience a world of sexual pleasure through pain. One important thing to note by anyone looking to get into this sort of thing is to remember that the world of BDSM has strict rules and any violation of those rules has the potential to blacklist you from further contact with the community. The rules of the community follow basic etiquette, don’t touch other peoples toys and don’t try to start contact with anyone you do not know or without permission. BDSM is a contractual sex act with agreed upon terms so tread lightly and make sure you are well informed before you begin to explore the sex act of BDSM.