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Well, the GT6 MKI is no longer my latest project.  I picked up this '72 MKIII
to keep me busy.  It needs some  work, especially on the interior, but it runs
and the body has no dents or rust.  This is an early MKIII, so it has the
Rotoflex/wishbone rear suspension as on the MKII.  Finally I remembered to
take some "before" pictures, and hopefully it won't be long before I can get
some "after" pictures on here.
3/7/03   First day home
5/14/03   The new dashboard is just about complete.
Parcel trays need to be added.
5/14/03 Clean up under the
bonnet is underway.
5/25/03 New Rotoflex couplings are needed.
Rear wheel bearings changed.
6/22/03 The search is on for a new gearbox.  The already suspect
gearbox didn't hold up to a vigorous test drive.
2nd gear and the laygear lost a few teeth.
8/24/03 After not having any luck finding a rebuilt
gearbox, I decided to try it myself.  It wasn't as
difficult as it first looked.  New synchro rings,
laygear, 2nd gear, front and rear bearings, needle
bearings, seals and gaskets were installed. A new
3 piece clutch kit was also put in.
9/21/03 Now that the new clutch and gearbox are in, I
could finish the dash and interior.

The peeling paint from leaking brake fluid has been
removed from the firewall and shelf.  The leak has
been repaired, and I had a few cans of matching paint
made to do the repair.
11/15/03 Well. I'm finished with this summer project.  Here are a few photos of what the car looks like today.
With winter coming and needing garage space, this car has been sold.  Next????
1/18 scale replica of my car!
Check the
Diecast section.